Frequently Asked Questions
What is youpinrush?
youpinrush is a Free Unanimous pin code based file sharing platform.
How does youpinrush work?
You need just to go to upload center, select the file(s) you want to upload from your computer, upload it to our servers, then grant access to file by SMS. You need to provide minimum one (1) mobile number of the receiver of your file.
Once you share and confirm your sharing, we will send a pin code to the mobile number or email addresses you have provided when uploading the file. By entering the pin code in youpinrush download center and answering the security question (the mobile number the pin code was sent by is the security question here), user can download the file.
Shall I need to open an account to use the service?
Is it a totally free service?
Is it storage service?
No, this is just sharing service with a short time file availability on clouding.
Are the uploaded files visible to third parties or youpinrush staff?
No, files are encrypted upon upload unless within the clouding period of the file, we receive complaint about the content of the file which we have to investigate about the file in this case.
Do you gather personal information?
No, we do not care who is uploading or who is downloading and we never ask for names or personal info. youpinrush is completely unanimous sharing. Please review our Privacy Policy
Can I share via SMS to multiple users?
No, each file can be shared via SMS with only one mobile number.
Can I cancel sharing if I changed my mind?
No, once file is shared you cannot stop it from download until the expiration of the pin code(max 7 days).
Can anyone download my file if they have pin code?
No, they need also to know the mobile number used to send the pin code to them.
What is the maximum size and number of files allowed for uploading?
Maximum 5 files, total 1GB.
What file types can be uploaded?
Any file type except exe, dmg, apk and ipa.
Does youpinrush care of copyright of the uploaded files?
We do care of copyright and in case we notice any violation of copyright or receive any complaint, we will immediately delete the uploaded file(s). However, users are responsible for any lost consequent of any infringement.
Does youpinrush care about sharing pornographic material and computer virus?
Yes, we do not let users to abuse our service for sharing pornographic materials or viruses but since technically we cannot check the content of uploaded files in most cases, users are responsible for what they share. If we receive any complaint about such a files or materials, we will delete such a file. However, our service is not STORAGE service and files are kept in our servers just for 7 days.
Which countries the SMS service supports?
You can review the list of countries and mobile service providers from Here.